Creative Services

Julie Ann Turner is an award-winning trainer,
author, consultant, executive and life coach,
speaker, community leader and social
entrepreneur/founder of Orbits of Influence 
Global Leadership Dialogue Initiative

As CEO and founder of Julie Ann Turner 
& Company/
, Julie
Ann is an expert in Strategic Planning    and Innovation, and is one the world's
Founder & CEO         top authorities on the Creative Process,

Julie Ann Turner,       as author of the 2009 3-Book CREATOR'S 
A Creator's Guide       GUIDE® Series
: The Arc of Imagination
                           The Once & Future Age of Imagination,
and the POWER ARC/Creative Guidance System Master Guidebook

(the CREATOR'S GUIDE® master innovation system
is USPTO patent-pending.)

Julie Ann - and the systems she shares -
are the force behind both the career and community
trajectories of executives and civic leaders
and the career success and life contribution
of dozens of executives and entrepreneurs
who have used her systems, steps and tools
to craft successful lives and work -
and even craft entirely new careers - on their own terms.

In addition, Julie Ann also plays a central role as a guide
high-stakes organizational change such as corporate
mergers - where the top executive teams have credited
Julie Ann's system and tools with accomplishing in ½ day
what it once took a change management firm
more than a year and 10X more investment to deliver …
So, in essence, she's been known
to save corporations
$150K in a single afternoon
or to accomplish
$150,000 of results in a mere three hours …

Julie Ann successfully created her own life, work, business,
innovation initiatives and more -
and she is committed to helping others create theirs …

It's no wonder Julie Ann Turner is fast gaining ever wider
recognition as "
The Creator's Guide" - and as an invaluable 
strategic resource to individuals, teams and organizations
at all levels.

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Essentially, CREATORSGUIDE.COM® is a creative expression

Creative Services available through CREATORSGUIDE.COM®
OMPANY are designed to enable 
 both individuals and organizations  
to envision and create
the results 
they desire in their lives, work and world.

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explore services.

Moreover, the creative services,
social innovations (such as ORBITS OF INFLUENCE®),
seminars and workshops, consulting, coaching,
planning, community events, curriculum, articles,
interviews, books, materials and products
including the just-released 3-Book Series
Principles, Process & Power to
Transform Your Life, Work & World ...

Master Study Course – 
are all different expressions
of the Creative Universe we envision - and are creating,
for, and with - you and your organizations.

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As you will see, our “
works” are expressed
through a multitude of facets …
we are a business,
a social enterprise,
a creative consultancy,
a Creative Process Institute,
an Innovation Incubator,
the center of a global creative community,
a resource for creative change agents,
a catalyst for social innovation,
a leading force in a global creative movement.

JULIE ANN TURNER & COMPANY is the framework, if you will,
out of which all of these aspects have grown,
and from which a multitude of services and initiatives
have been and are being
created, nurtured, launched, and guided. 
All of our creations are aspects of the same Whole,
all dedicated to the same Mission,
all focused on realizing the same Vision.

So, as you explore this site,
you will see, in microcosm,
the Creative Universe we wish to enable you to see more fully,
the Creative Potential we wish for you to express more fully,
and the Creative Power we may all learn to tap into more fully,
and the Creative Process that operates at the center of it all.


14 years ago, with the purpose of “
enabling individuals
and organizations to create and communicate the results
they desire in their lives, work and world

Since 1994, our consultancy has provided
communication and creative consulting services

to more than 40 national and international corporations,
service firms, advertising/PR agencies
and non-profit organizations (
view partial client list).

In addition, our vision and scope of services has grown.
Because all of our services as a company are inextricably
tied to, and are designed to fulfill, our mission and purpose,
you will see that they, also, are one in the same
with those offered through


The core belief behind CREATORSGUIDE.COM® is two-fold:

  • First, that "WE ARE ALL CREATORS" - we are each here
    to live fully into our creative potential, and to express
    our unique gifts and talents in a singular way; and

  • Second, that "WE ARE ALL CREATOR'S GUIDES"- once
    we have discovered our own unique life purpose
    and singular creative expression,
    we are each here
    to guide others in living fully
    into their own creative potential.

We work with
individuals who wish to design their lives and
live fully into their creative potential, from
to corporate executives, and everyone in between.

We provide the creative process and tools so that
organizations of all forms and sizes can do the same thing -
collectively design their
business strategy, vision and plan,
and align and
navigate their markets in real-time - and
thus more consciously and proactively create the success
they wish to see in their organizations.

We employ
exclusive creative processes
and transformational models and tools
based on universal, proven principles.

Moreover, we not only guide our 
organizational clients -
corporations, small businesses, serviceand creative firms,
governing councils and boards, nonprofits, social enterprises,
and other mission-driven organizations -
in co-creating the strategy, environment and success they wish to see ...

... and we also share our breakthrough creative processes and tools
with each team member, to ensure our client's team may continue
to strategize, navigate and align resources in real time, long after our 
consulting collaboration ends.

Remember, our mission is to enable you and your organization
to live fully into your creative potential ...

After all ...


Ultimately, we realize that, in fact,
it is not so much “About Us” –
in the sense of JULIE ANN TURNER & COMPANY
although we do believe we have much to offer you,
both here on this site, and through our services and products.

All of this is much more about you
about how you may live
more fully your into Creative Potential –
and it is “About Us,” but in the sense of All of Us -
individually and collectively - learning how
to use the Creative Process more consciously,
to create our lives, our work, and our world.


Thus, we live out the central message

We encourage you to explore CREATORSGUIDE.COM®,
discover the many exclusive services and processes
available to guide you in reaching your potential ...
we're here to collaborate with you, and to co-create
the future you and your organizations
wish to see in the world.

Your life, work and world are waiting ...

Please view or download our corporate brochure here,
and a partial client list here!



A Personal Note from 
Julie Ann Turner
 Founder & CEO
 Julie Ann Turner
 A Creator's Guide

      Friends & Fellow Creators,

       will always be evolving. 

       It is my hope and intention
       that you will join with me
       in expanding this creative work,
       as fellow seekers and travelers
       on the creative journey ...
       and that, as you do,
       you will come to recognize
       more fully:

  • That you are meant
    to fulfill your purpose in life,
    by sharing your unique gifts and talents
    (yes, you do have them)
  • That doing so will bring you joy -
    because you will be expressing
    what you most love
    (the positive energy will be uncontainable)
  • That doing so will bring you abundance -
    because you will be sharing
    what you alone were uniquely created to do
    (so you'll be the absolute best at it)
  • That, as you express your purpose
    and share your creative gifts with others,
    they too will be blessed
    (through your expression
    of creative power and energy)
  • That your ultimate destination
    isn't so much a place,
    as a process of becoming -
    it is the full expression of your potential.

Thus we each reclaim
our power in the Universe,
to create what we truly desire.

This is your G
UIDE to discovering
and directing that creative power.

Along our journey we learn and grow,
and help others do the same.

In that way,
We are All Creator's Guides.