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You can only PLAY BIG when you shift fully
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that differentiates YOU, your WORK
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Now is the time to step up and PLAY BIG,
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Now is the time to RAISE YOUR GAME.

Discover how to unleash your Signature GENIUS -
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>>> RAVE REVIEWS for the RAISE YOUR GAME! Webinar:

Thank you for the MOST POWERFUL WEBINAR I have ever seen!

Julie Ann Turner is a wonderful speaker. I feel blessed
to have had the chance to listen to her powerful truths.

The discovery that I have unlimited power and abilities
has rocked my world! ...

Thank you so much for showing me the light!    
                                                  Laura Baddeley
                                         wermello (at) shaw.ca

I have re-played and re-played and replayed the Webinar
and I want to sincerely say THANK YOU.

It has profoundly changed me; I have experienced a shift
and I feel empowered for awhile.It is difficult to break old
50 year-old-habits. 

Actually I would just like to talk to you about you,
I found you very inspiring.

It would be an honor to talk to someone like you
that gives so much to so many.

Sylvia Martinez
Goodrich Interiors
Technical Writer
Sylvia.Martinez (at) goodrich.com

Hi Julie Ann,

I was on your call last week with Kevin Nations and I have to say

This is about the only call I've been on where there was actually
VERY useful information.

So many calls these days are just informercials...not yours!

You have information that can be applied immediately.

The call was a breath of fresh air.

Thanks so much!

Gregg Swanson; CPT, CMSC, CLSC, CLFC
Mental Strength Coach
"Thoughts, Actions, Results"

Hi Julie Ann,

I very much enjoyed the Webinar!

You explained POWER in a systematic way which works for me
from the beginning.

I found that using a person we can all identify with very useful,
because of where Arnold did come from to where he is today.

With any kind of limitations, we should all be able to accomplish
or reach our goals if we have the desire to do the steps to get there,
and the imagination to create or be open to any imaginable possibilities.

To access the vision of the arcs on my computer screen
made it more real for me also.

When I review my notes I made from the webinar,
I can see how my mind was being influenced
to think outside of the box and to reach higher,
that more POTENTIAL is available.

I thank you,
Leah Knight
leah.skylark00 (at) gmail.com

Julie Ann,

I completely enjoyed your "RAISE YOUR GAME" Webinar last night. 

Your program was both inspirational and enlightening.

I attended on-line and stayed until the on-line portion
completely ended. 

Thank you for your time, effort and enthusiasm. 
Your passion is contagious! ...

Your program was unbelievable! 

It hit me right in my sweet spot and confirmed my beliefs
about what I am doing today and reinforced
where I "can be" (where I "will be"). 

My favorite part of your class was the simplicity and clarity
of your key points, the "Arnold" example (which clearly most people
could relate to today) and the real world construction executive example
(besides the obvious that your Power Arc System works!).

I'm sorry for writing so much in this email, but as you can tell,
I appreciate the content you provided very much.  Thank You!

                                                                      John Hlavac
                                                                      JLH & Associates LLC

What a blessing it was last night to listen to such powerful truths!

My daughter who is almost 8 listened in and it was a great
conversation piece with her to discover that she has unlimited
power to create her own world!  Thank you for allowing me to be
a part of this...I am truly inspired! 

For me, the next step is the implementation.  The webinar
was packed with real and valuable information.  I'm emailing now
for the free strategy session with you!
                                                                 Frowsa Booker-Drew
                                                            Texas Regional Director
                                                               The Innovation Groups
                                                      soulsticeceo (at) gmail.com

Thank you so much for that AMAZING call.
You OPENED MY EYES to things I hadn't thought of before.

Barbara Reynolds
barbara.healing (at) sbcglobal.net

Thank you for a WONDERFUL webinar!

I enjoyed seeing how you present what I experience as basic truths about creating.

My experience personally and with clients is that a key to
sustaining the kinds of shifts you speak about
is to create
practices that support embodying them -- most of our bodies
being in the 'habit' of operating differently (with lots of support
from our culture) -- and to put in place support systems,
such as coaching, that keep us on track
when we want to retreat to our old ways.

I LOVED your graphic presentation, your pacing, and the passion
that you bring to this subject (gentle, not overpowering,
but clear and present).

I appreciated you sharing that while the concept is 'simple'
making the shift is not always easy. 

                                                                 With gratitude,
                                                  Cindy Reinhardt
                                Cindy (at) successzone.com